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“It’s a relief to talk to someone who is making absolutely no judgements about me and food - just offering me sound nutritional advice. ” B.C. - San Francisco, CA

"In 3 weeks my LDL cholesterol went from 164 to 123, and 4 weeks later to 106...all with little sense of deprivation. Another bonus: I lost a few pounds without even trying." – Diana D., Stanford, CA

“I believe I was 291 pounds when I started seeing you. I am now 245.” Patti McGinnis - Redwood City, CA

“Thanks so much for your time and great feedback. Working with you has made a true difference in my life and has vastly broadened my horizons when it comes to ‘what’s for dinner’”. - Nichole Edraos, San Jose, CA

"My consultation with Dr. Endemann was fruitful and reassuring. She had valuable suggestions for improving my diet without depriving me of foods I love." - Elizabeth Traynor, Boston, MA

"I have more energy and feel better than I have in a very long time." - I.F., Stanford, CA

“On behalf of our entire family, I want to thank you for empowering us with the right knowledge to help my grandma regain her health. Your suggestions have been extremely helpful and are credited to my grandma’s new found motivation to ensure she recovers fully.” Kevin Ngo, Oakland, CA



seminars and classes

“I can’t thank you enough for... coming to talk to the support group for pulmonary hypertension patients. The information you shared and hope you inspired are valuable gifts, and we’re all very appreciative!” - Allyson Rupp, Vera Wall Center for Pulmonary Vascular Disease, Stanford University Medical Center

"Amazing. Thank you! Thank you! I would love to attend (another) one of your workshops..." - V.K., Foothill College

“Your lectures are always exceedingly helpful and packed with practical information. I wanted to tell you how much our members enjoyed your lecture!” - Kathleen Palmer, Wellness Coordinator, Palo Alto Family YMCA

“Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your presentation at the library. It ... was just the motivation I needed to stay away from the energy bars they have at my... job.” – Renate Kempf, Azureheart Structural Integration, Mountain View, CA

Thank you very much for an interesting lecture on Food For Kids…everyone I have talked to really enjoyed your talk.” - M. Biyani, Adult Education, Mountain View Parent Nursery School.

book “Fat is Not the Enemy”

“This gem of a resource book demystifies the fat controversy and makes you aware that selec t fats are good for you.” - Lou Seibert Pappas, cookbook author, Palo Alto, CA

“Dr. Endemann's book is a well-researched, interesting, practical guide to eating wisely. It helped me become more aware of risk factors that can adversely impact overall health, cut through the plethora of misinformation about the role of fat in our diet, and learn to plan meals that are both nutritious and satisfying. I'm recommending this wonderful book to all my friends.“ - L.Y., Palo Alto, CA


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